WIP Wednesday: On My Hook, On My Needles, and In My Lap

It’s time for my weekly link-up with Ginny over at Small Things.  I think this is my sixth Yarn Along post. I do really enjoy it. Each week it seems I discover a new blog or a new pattern I want to try. It seems my weeks just fly by! One would think that, as a single working woman, I would have more free time. I worked six nights last week, though, and “free time” wasn’t always “free.” That affected my crafting and reading time, of course.

Anyway, on with the post!

The Hook

This is starting to sound a little redundant, but I’m still working along on my afghan, or my “Magnum Opus” as I like to call it. I missed my challenge deadline of having 23 squares totally completed. No matter, I plan on working on it in earnest in the coming weeks. I would like to be able to use it this Winter, at least for a little while. I don’t have a new photo, but here’s a peek into that tote I mentioned a couple weeks ago.


The Book


I’m not sure why I keep taking pictures of Bonhoeffer when I haven’t touched all week. Maybe to remind myself to get on it! The next book club meeting is the 14th.

The “book” I did read this week was that voters’ pamphlet. Did you vote yesterday? To be perfectly honest, I didn’t care much about who was running in my area, but that didn’t stop me from doing my civic duty and voting. I won’t tell you how or for whom I voted. My political views are my own business. I’m actually not sure how the election went. There were a couple of initiatives I was particularly interested in, so I should at least check those out. The point is that I voted, and I hope you did, too, regardless of how.

The Needles

In case you missed it, I finished the monster I was knitting for Louise. Now I’ve moved on to knitting a baby blanket for a friend of a friend.


Doesn’t look much like a blanket, does it? It’s a Pinwheel Baby Blanket. It is started with six stitches and is worked completely in the round, increasing every other row. You can see the radial yarn-over lines in the photo. It’s my favorite baby blanket to knit because it’s so easy and is different than a “normal” blanket. Because it is knit in the round, there is no purling until the edging and no flipping your work over to knit back and forth. Any yarn will work, and you just knit until it’s a size you like. The pattern is actually rather easy. Once you get beyond the beginning and use stitch markers, you don’t even have to think. Great TV or church knitting! (Yes, I knit in church. 😉 )

There are 10 radii forming 10 sections. Currently, I have 24 stitches per sectionsection for a total of 240 stitches. It’s about 24 inches across at this point. I only have one skein of this yarn (discontinued), but I think I can get it to 30 inches.

The Lap


When I started this post, this was the view of my lap. Jasper in his favorite spot. He moved after I got a little too excited while watching the soccer (futbol/football) game that was on.

Now the game is over (Liverpool lost 😦 ), this post is done 😉 , and it’s bedtime for this night nurse. Well, as soon as I link up to the Yarn Along, that is.

Have a great rest of your day!



WIP Wednesday: Ears and Toes and In Between

Good grief! It’s Wednesday again! I don’t think I was aware of how quickly the weeks passed until I started joining the Yarn Along every week…or most every week. I guess that’s one benefit of doing this. That awareness and marking of time. So, once again, it’s time for my weekly progress report.

The Hook

I’m still plugging away on the afghan squares. I’m doing a challenge in one if my Ravelry groups and need to have 28 squares done by the end of the month and all of their ends woven in. So far, I have 22 squares with the ends woven in on only 5 of them.  Eep! I’m going to have to crochet like crazy to meet my challenge! I feel like I’m running out of creative ways to photograph the squares, which a problem given how long this is going to take. So, here they are on my double bed, where the afghan will eventually live. That block of 20 squares would be a nice size for a baby blanket. I’ll have to remember that. The quilt has a story, but that’s for another time.


The Book


I feel like this category is taunting me. I haven’t read any book all week. I’ve read articles and blogs. I’ve read a letter from my sponsor child. I had a great conversation with my bff today about a book. Truly. She’s reading it and really liking it (Know What You Believe). I’m going to add it to my “to read” list. But, alas, I haven’t actually read a book.

The title of my post relates to a book by my favorite author for the very young, Sandra Boynton, called Horns to Toes and In Between. I don’t have a copy of it myself, but I gave one to a new little one recently. If you have littles, or know some, check out Sandra’s books.  The titles of the post and book lead me to…

The Needles

I’m less excited about what is on my needles and more excited about what just came off of them! I’ll give it a full post on Friday, but here’s a sneak peek.



On my needles is this sock.

...and Toes...

…and Toes…

I’ve been working on this sock since March. Yes, March. I don’t really knit socks that slowly. I’ve knocked out a pair in less than two weeks when it was the only thing I was working on. That certainly is not the case with this poor sock. It lives in my purse, inside that cute bag (made by my bff), and goes with me pretty much everywhere. It’s my “emergency knitting,” because one always needs a project with them for those unexpected wait times.  😉 The sock is the “Diagonal Lace Sock” from Wendy Johnson’s book Socks From The Toe Up. This is my fourth pair of socks from this book. It’s a great book with well-written patterns for every knitting level. The pattern I’m using is simple enough to memorize…or figure out if you haven’t picked the sock up in a while. Great for on-the-go knitting!

That about does it for this week’s post. Time to link up to the Yarn Along over at Small Things. Check back Friday to see what’s connected to those ears.  🙂

WIP Wednesday: Better Late Than Never

Wasn’t it just Wednesday? This week has flown by! This day has flown by! Well, it is still Wednesday where I am, at least for another half hour. I think I have just enough time for my weekly link-up over at Small Things before midnight. Better late than never, as they say.


The Hook

I’m up to 20 squares on my afghan. This Saturday is my church’s knitting/quilting group, Loving Threads. I’m planning on taking all my “finished” squares with me so I can weave in all the pesky ends while I’m distracted by chatting with the ladies.


And speaking of bringing them with me, I found this great, rigid tote for 50% off at Jo~Ann’s today.


The skeins had reached the point where they were getting floppy, so I wound them into cakes which fit perfectly along the bottom of the tote. Now my project is portable. I almost brought the tote to work tonight, but I’m really trying to get another WIP done.

The Book

I wish I could say that I have gotten farther in Bonhoeffer than I have, but I haven’t read it at all since last week. I find I have time for yarny things or reading or housework in any given day, but not usually all three in the same day. And, honestly, given the choice, I’d rather knit/crochet and watch TV.  This last week, though, I spent quite a lot if time trying to catch up on housework. Anyway, all that to say that I haven’t gotten any book reading done.

The Needles


Louise’s monster finally has arms and one ear. I’m about halfway through the second ear. Just the feet and bottom before stuffing and sewing up. I’m really hoping to have it done on Friday so I can give it to her at Loving Threads, if she’s able to come. She was at church two weeks ago, so we shall see. She hates to miss our monthly meetings. Thanks to all of you who are praying for her.

Well, that’s about it for now. It’s no longer Wednesday, but that’s okay.

Better late than never. 😉