WIP Wednesday: A Square, A Wizard, and A Milo


Writer’s block.

Here’s my weekly update.


The Hook

I got another square done on Magnum Opus. That makes 32 squares, and of those, only 10 have their ends woven in. At this rate, I should have all the squares done by next October. ūüėõ


Currently, my afghan measures about 40 x 48 inches and is only ‚Öď of the way finished.

I think I aughta pick up the pace. ūüėČ

The Book


I’m still hanging out with Harry during his first year at Hogwarts. Ordinarily a book this short would not take me more than a day or two, but I’ve been pretty busy.

First Years at Hogwarts may bring a cat or an owl or a toad. I always thought I’d choose the owl being such useful creatures. Now, I’d take a cat any day.


The Needles

I have been procrastinating a bit on finishing Heidi’s monster. The feet need finishing work and stuffing before I can finish the legs. I’ve been working so much lately, and the light at work just isn’t conducive to fine work. I’m off tonight, and don’t have plans for the first time in ages, so I should have them done in time for my FO Friday post.


Instead, I got started on the Milo I mentioned last week. I have a mailing deadline coming up next week, so it needs to get done.

I’m also still working on hats for CLICK for Babies. That’s the purple thing in my photo.


So, what are you working on these days? Let me know in the comments. I’ll see you over at the Yarn Along.

Have a great Wednesday!




WIP Wednesday: More Than I Can Chew?

It’s the wee hours of Wednesday, and I’m sitting in a rocking chair in a dimmly lit room across from a two year-old who will not go to sleep for the life of him. Or, I should say, back to sleep. He was asleep for an hour before some inexplicable thing caused him to wake two hours ago. *sigh* Now, he has his proverbial second wind, partly, I’m sure, due to the newness of me. He doesn’t remember, but I took care of him when he was an infant. Anyway, it’s too dim to read or knit, and he refuses to be cuddled or rocked, so I think I shall get some blogging done.


The Hook

I’ve been neglecting my crochet in favor of my various knitting projects. However, Sandra over at Cherry Heart has started a Blanket Along for the month of March, and that is perfect incentive to pick up my hook again and make some progress on my Magnum Opus. If you’re new or just don’t remember (it’s been a while), my Magnum Opus is an afghan I’m trying to make for my bed. It’s going to be between Full and Queen sized. So far, I am only about a quarter of the way finished with the squares. It’ll be interesting to see how big of a bite I can take out of the remainder.


The Book


Well…here’s where I should say that I’m still reading God For Us. I’d love to say that but the truth is that I’ve hardly touched it this week. I keep meaning to do better and actually read my daily readings, but it never seems to happen. In a way, not being able to do this perfectly (and really, who can?) just highlights for me that I really do need the grace and mercy Jesus gives. There is no way to be perfect on my own…and isn’t that the whole reason He came in the first place?


Embracing The Body is a brand new book by a brand new author, my friend Tara. I have mentoned Tara before. She is a Spiritual Director at Anam Cara Ministries, and I did my Advent retreat with her. This book has been eagerly anticipated, and I’ve been privileged to witness its birth over the past year or so. I’ve only just taken a taste, so to speak, and I can tell that this is a book I will have to read slowly and thoughtfully, savoring each bite. I’m only through the introduction, and already pages are dog-eared and lines are underlined, bracketed, and starred. I think the best way to give you all a peek is to quote the back cover:

¬†“Our bodies teach us about God, and God communicates to us through out bodies. Our bodies are more good than we can possibly imagine them to be. And yet at times we may struggle with feelings of shame and¬†guilt or even pride¬†in regard to our bodies. What is God trying to do¬†through our skin and bones?

In Embracing The Body,¬†spiritual director Tara Owens invites you to¬†listen to your thoughts about your body in a way that draws you closer¬†to¬†God, calling you to explore how your spirituality is intimately tied to your¬†physicality. Using exercises for reflection at the end of each chapter, she guides you to see your body not as an inconvenience but as¬†a place where you can meet the holy in a new way‚ÄĒa place to embrace God’s glorious intention.”

I’m excited. I’m excited to see what God has for me in the pages of this book…and beyond as we journey through it, He and I.

The Needles


I’m making steady progress on Lexie’s bloom. I’m into the second diamond lace section. Her first birthday is at the end of the month, so I’ve got to have it done by then.

And that about covers it. See you at the Yarn Along!

Have a blessed Wednesday!


PS: Little Rascal finally conked out again around 2 am!

WIP Wednesday: A Pinwheel and A Confession

Alas! ‘Tis Wednesday! The day set aside for Works In Progress to be revealed to the masses. The day designated for linking up with fellow crafters at yonder site known as “Small Things.” The day for reckoning just what I have and have not accomplished over the past seven days.

The Hook


Not much progress on the Magnum Opus this week. I’ve been focused elsewhere. Loving Threads (my church knitting/crocheting/quilting group) is this Saturday, so I’m planning on bringing my afghan to work on. I’ll try to get some pictures this meeting and tell you a bit about our little group.


The Book


Book? Book? I know not this word.

In all seriousness, any reading I’ve done this week has really been in blogs. I’ve been catching up on the blogs in my blog roll, which I just remembered I need to actually create here.


I’ve pretty much given up on reading Bonhoeffer. I’m just finding that I’m not all that interested right now. I think I liked the idea of reading it along with the book club, but, in reality, it started feeling more like an assignment than a choice. Weird, I know. I was like that in school, too. If it was my idea, I was all over it. But, if it was an assignment, it was drudgery. I’m sure this book will tickle my fancy at some point. Right now, I’m trying not to let these little feelings of guilt settle in for not reading it. I’ve been talking about not reading it for a month!

The Needles

Now here is where my focus has been!

I’ve been working on the Pinwheel Blanket that I mentioned last week, and I’m very nearly done. I worked the blanket until there were 30 stitches in each wedge section, and now I’m knitting a seed stitch ruffle as the edging. The ruffle is created by knitting into the front and back of every stitch, thus doubling the number of stitches. So, what was once a 300 stitch edge is now a 600 stitch edge! I had to switch to my 60 inch cable to accommodate all those stitches, and it feels like it takes an eon to knit a round. ¬†I know the end result will be great, though, so it’s certainly worth it! I should be done by the weekend. I’m trying to beat Little One’s arrival.


To give myself a bit of a break, and my thumb a rest from purling, I knitted up a quick little hat for Little One and started another. I don’t think I mentioned it in the last post, but Little One’s gender isn’t known, thus the “neutral” colors. I think the little red hat is rather Christmas-y, don’t you?


I also got a few more rounds done on the sock in my purse while visiting my parents this past weekend.

I think that concludes my progress report for this week. What are you reading or working on? Join the Yarn Along, or tell me in the comments. I’d love to know!

Have a great Wednesday!