WIP Wednesday: Still Mashing


Happy Wednesday! I’ve been busy! Time for some show and tell.

The Hook


See that? Eep! That was me on Monday. Actually crocheting! I follow Heather of The Patchwork Heart on Instagram. She invited her followers to join her for afternoon tea and crochet using the hashtag “acuppaandhookywiththepatchworkheart.” That was just the nudge I needed. I cleaned the pretty tote holding my afghan yarn of all the detritus that had collected in it, brewed a cup of tea, snuggled under my quilt, and got to work. Ziva felt the need to supervise.

Oh! Speaking of Heather, I must show you something! When I was learning basic granny squares, all the instructions said to keep the right side of the work facing me and not to turn my work. My “squares” didn’t come out square, though. There was a bit of a pinwheel effect. Subtle, but bothersome. Well, Heather has a way to fix that. In her tutorial, she suggests just the opposite: turning one’s work each round. Since each round is going the opposite direction, it eliminates the pinwheeling. I decided to try it.


The difference is amazing! The square on the left is done the traditional way and the one on the right is done Heather’s way. Both are unblocked. I’m sold!

The Book

Originally, I wasn’t going to put anything here. Then this appeared in my Facebook news feed:


Yes! Yes it is. So, I’m heading back to Hogwarts. I’m starting, of course, at the beginning.


It’ll be good to go back.

The Needles


It’s still a Monster Mash at my place. Hugo and Bea (orange and striped pink) are all knitted and are just waiting for stuffing. Petunia (speckled) needs her legs. The stripey gray body is a bit of a Franken-monster which I can’t expound on yet. I should be able to talk about it next week.


That about does it for this week. What are you working on it reading? Let me know in the comments. Better yet, come join us over at the Yarn Along.

See you there!



WIP Wednesday: On My Hook, On My Needles, and In My Lap

It’s time for my weekly link-up with Ginny over at Small Things.  I think this is my sixth Yarn Along post. I do really enjoy it. Each week it seems I discover a new blog or a new pattern I want to try. It seems my weeks just fly by! One would think that, as a single working woman, I would have more free time. I worked six nights last week, though, and “free time” wasn’t always “free.” That affected my crafting and reading time, of course.

Anyway, on with the post!

The Hook

This is starting to sound a little redundant, but I’m still working along on my afghan, or my “Magnum Opus” as I like to call it. I missed my challenge deadline of having 23 squares totally completed. No matter, I plan on working on it in earnest in the coming weeks. I would like to be able to use it this Winter, at least for a little while. I don’t have a new photo, but here’s a peek into that tote I mentioned a couple weeks ago.


The Book


I’m not sure why I keep taking pictures of Bonhoeffer when I haven’t touched all week. Maybe to remind myself to get on it! The next book club meeting is the 14th.

The “book” I did read this week was that voters’ pamphlet. Did you vote yesterday? To be perfectly honest, I didn’t care much about who was running in my area, but that didn’t stop me from doing my civic duty and voting. I won’t tell you how or for whom I voted. My political views are my own business. I’m actually not sure how the election went. There were a couple of initiatives I was particularly interested in, so I should at least check those out. The point is that I voted, and I hope you did, too, regardless of how.

The Needles

In case you missed it, I finished the monster I was knitting for Louise. Now I’ve moved on to knitting a baby blanket for a friend of a friend.


Doesn’t look much like a blanket, does it? It’s a Pinwheel Baby Blanket. It is started with six stitches and is worked completely in the round, increasing every other row. You can see the radial yarn-over lines in the photo. It’s my favorite baby blanket to knit because it’s so easy and is different than a “normal” blanket. Because it is knit in the round, there is no purling until the edging and no flipping your work over to knit back and forth. Any yarn will work, and you just knit until it’s a size you like. The pattern is actually rather easy. Once you get beyond the beginning and use stitch markers, you don’t even have to think. Great TV or church knitting! (Yes, I knit in church. 😉 )

There are 10 radii forming 10 sections. Currently, I have 24 stitches per sectionsection for a total of 240 stitches. It’s about 24 inches across at this point. I only have one skein of this yarn (discontinued), but I think I can get it to 30 inches.

The Lap


When I started this post, this was the view of my lap. Jasper in his favorite spot. He moved after I got a little too excited while watching the soccer (futbol/football) game that was on.

Now the game is over (Liverpool lost 😦 ), this post is done 😉 , and it’s bedtime for this night nurse. Well, as soon as I link up to the Yarn Along, that is.

Have a great rest of your day!


Saturday Caturday: Meet The Family


Jasper’s life started out rocky and very lucky at the same time. He and his two littermates were discovered abandoned in a hayloft when they were just two weeks old with their eyes barely open. Lucky for them, the hayloft belonged to a veterinary technician who immediately brought them in to her clinic where they were bottle-raised. An acquaintance of mine also worked at this clinic, knew I was looking for a cat, and asked if I’d be interested in one or two of the kittens. I first met Jasper when he was three weeks old, fostered all three for a weekend when they were four weeks old, and brought Jasper and Harley home fur-ever when they were about 6 weeks old.


Cute, huh? They were so tiny! Bottle kittens don’t grow as well as their counterparts who get mother’s milk. There was another litter at the clinic the same age as my boys who had their mama. They were twice as big!


I picked Jasper and Harley because they were practically connected at the shoulder. They remained the best of friends until Harley became ill and died just shy of their 12th birthday. Harley’s story is one for another time, though.

Jasper was named for his eyes, a beautiful bluish green.


He is an absolute love! My grandma always loved black cats, saying that they were the sweetest ones. After Jasper, I believe her! Anyone who says cats are aloof has never met him. He is the very definition of a Velcro cat, wanting nothing more than to be near me or, preferably, on me. He became even more clingy after Harley died.


He is also the very definition of a scaredy cat, although he has gotten much better since I started giving him Spirit Essences to help boost his confidence and calm his fears. He still hides from visitors, but will come out after five minutes or so when it used to take him twenty. Jasper is 14½ years old now. My little old man.





I had been considering adopting another cat for a few months, and had even checked out a local shelter, when I walked into my vet’s office one day to buy Jasper’s food (prescription diet) and came face to face with this picture. The caption described a beautiful, timid female named Ziva who needed a home. Ziva?!! My favorite network show is NCIS, and here was a cat named after one of the characters! This had to be some sort of sign, right? So I said the fateful words, “Can I meet her?” Within five minutes, this “timid” cat was in my lap, purring and headbutting me like she had known me her whole life. I applied to adopt her on the spot!


Ziva came home to live with Jasper and I exactly two years to the date after Harley died. I didn’t plan that. In fact, I didn’t realize it until I was on my way to pick her up. It was rocky at first. She was scared of me, the apartment, and Jasper. (Jasper was terrified of her, too!) She slowly started coming out of her shell, and then the aggression started! She claimed the bedroom as territory and would chase Jasper out of there, hissing and screaming! Spirit Essences to the rescue again! I put Ziva on Bully Remedy. It’s taken a while, but she doesn’t chase him out of the bedroom anymore. Jasper is less scared of and intimidated by her, too. Sometimes, they even share the couch.


And I have woken up nearly every day the past two weeks with both of them on the bed with me! That’s taken six months!


(Bad picture, and my bed was made moments later, but I had to capture the magic moment!)

She really is a love, too! If I had been able to name her, I might have chosen Farrah. As in Farrah “Faucet”. She’s a drooler! She has a great, musical purr, and it doesn’t take much to get it going. She’s still a bit skittish, and rarely stays in good light. So, when she is in a good spot, I take full advantage!