WIP Wednesday: a Monster, a Pastor, and a Parliament of Owls

Goodness! Its been well over a week since I last posted anything! Last week was packed, and I barely had time between arriving home from work & activities and bedtime. So, I missed last week’s Yarn Along.  I thought about posting later in the week, but that never happened either. I worked six nights, had one night off, and I’m back at it for another five. It never once occurred to me to blog during the “down time” at work, when much of my crafting and reading gets done, until tonight. It’s the wee hours of Wednesday morning. My little charge is asleep in the bed behind me, her ventilator whirring away, and I have a few moments. Time to catch up and for this week’s Yarn Along.

The Hook


Had I actually posted last Wednesday, I would have had to say that I hadn’t made any progress on my afghan squares. As I said above, the week was particularly busy with little crafting time at home. And I have to work on these at home. Why?


Because toting around all those skeins isn’t practical in the least! I suppose I could pull off smaller balls, but the way I have them arranged keeps them from tangling, and I’m trying to be very judicious with my yardage.

However, because I’m posting this week instead, I can say that I’ve made a tiny amount of progress. I’m up to just about 19 squares total.


The Book


I am finally reading Bonhoeffer. I haven’t gotten very far, though. The orange paper is marking my spot, and the white paper, some 250 pages farther, is marking where I should have been for the book club meeting last Friday. I wound up not going as I hadn’t actually read the book we were discussing. Oh well. I shall catch up and join them at the next meeting. Already the book is dog-eared and underlined in a few places.

The Needles

As you can see in the book photo, I have something red on my needles. It’s a Hogwarts Express shawl for my Sister-In-Law’s birthday…which was in April. I actually gave it to her on the needles with the promise to finish it…in April. It has been in time out since I went to far before increasing for the ruffled bottom and had to tink back row after row after row, weighing as I went along until I had 60% of the yarn left unworked. Tedious! Time out! I have since discovered that I tinked back farther than I needed to by a few rows. Also, it’s been in time out so long that I’m not sure where I am in the pattern. The ruffled border includes a row of cute cabled owls, thus the parliament in the title. (In case you didn’t know, a group of owls is called a parliament.)

Another thing on the needles (and, let’s be honest, there are probably a dozen things!) is this adorable monster for my friend Louise. Louise is a dear lady at my church. She’s well into her 80’s, a cancer survivor, spunky as all get out, and an absolute love. When my Grandma was still alive, Louise asked about her every time she saw me. In the past year, Louise’s health has taken a downward turn, and she is currently recovering from emergency surgery to fuze bones in her neck after a fall. Some months ago, she saw a monster I was knitting and casually mentioned that she would like one. She picked Irving out of my copy of The Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger. She didn’t have a color preference, so I went bright! If there was ever a time to give her something bright and cheerful, it’s now. If you are the praying type, I’m sure she would appreciate a few said on her behalf.



I think that concludes my latest update. To anyone who might be thinking I was shirking my duties, this took me four hours and several “down times” to complete, a little at a time. 😉 Perhaps tomorrow I’ll go into a little more about what I do. Until then, have a great Wednesday.



WIP Wednesday: Alexander and Jasper and Squares, Oh My!

Time for my weekly progress report and link-up to the Yarn Along over at Small Things.


The Hook

I’m still plugging away at my afghan. I am to 16 squares, however all but 5 still need their end bits taken care of. I am telling myself that, as soon as that blue bin is full, I will stop and take care of all those ends. I’m using a US-8 (5.0 mm) crochet hook and “I Love This Yarn” (worsted) from Hobby Lobby in Dark Country Blue, Navy, Stonewash, Pale Denim, Iced Violet, Old Rose, and White. I plan on joining the squares with white, so all the squares end in a white row. I’m also trying not to repeat colors within each square. Other than that, I’m trying to be random. I realize that’s a bit of an oxymoron. I like to be spontaneous, but random doesn’t just happen.

The Book

Yup, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It is my very favorite children’s book. I first met Alexander while sitting “crisscross applesauce” on the floor in my kindergarten class, and have loved his story ever since. There is much comfort in knowing that you aren’t the only one who’s had a bad day. This copy is a gift for a little one, but I had to read it again myself before wrapping it up. Even at fortysomething, I still haven’t outgrown it.

I’m also still reading Divergent. I haven’t started on Bonhoeffer yet. I must get a move on, though. Our first book club meeting is on the 10th!

The Needles

I’m very nearly done with my bloom. I only have 3½ rows left plus the bind off row. That’s it in the bottom of the photo, blurred a little on purpose. I’m hoping to finish it tonight.

The Cat

Okay, he’s not really a WIP, but since he volunteered his tail for my photo, and was sitting in excellent light, I shall include a gratuitous photo of Jasper, my 14 year-old.



Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesday: In The Beginning

Howdy, and welcome to Slender Threads! I think it is very appropriate that my first post on my new blog occurs on WIP Wednesday. This blog is definitely a work in progress at the moment. Please pardon the dust. It’s highly likely that it won’t look the same next time you visit.  😉 Heck, I might even have the “About” section completed, or, at least, will properly introduce myself.

One of my main reasons for starting this blog was to be able to participate in the weekly Yarn Along over at Small Things, a blog by Ginny Sheller that I’ve come to enjoy. You should check it out. Really.

Each Wednesday, Ginny invites her readers to share our current WIPs and the books we are reading. Without further ado, I shall do that.

The Hook:


I’m slowly crocheting a full-sized, granny square afghan for my bed. I currently have 5 squares completely done (all the end bits taken care of) and another 6 squares that are just needing the ends finished. So, that’s 11 squares out of the 90 I figure I’ll need. What am I thinking??!!  At least the squares are ridiculously easy and make good TV crocheting.

The Book:


I’m currently reading Divergent again. I finally checked the out the rest of the series from the library, but discovered that it really had been too long since I’d read the first book and needed a refresher. It’s just as good as it was the first time, especially since I’ve forgotten so many of the details that it might as well be the first time.

Bonhoeffer is what the book club at my church is reading. We are meeting on 10/10 to discuss the first half. I only found out about it on Sunday and have not started it yet. I’ll let you know how it’s going next week.

The Needles:


I’m just about done with my third Bloom. I can’t show any more of it though as it’s a gift and the recipient just might be reading. I’ll post pics on a Finished Object Friday after the gift has been given. I promise.

That should about do it for this, my first, post. Do check back. I’m not sure what all this blog will be, but it’s bound to be interesting.  😉