WIP Wednesday: Something Old, Something New, Something Fruity, Something Blue

Howdy! I’m a bit late to the link-up at Small Things. I was waiting on the mail (and my tablet to charge). This hasn’t been the most productive crafting week, but there’s good reason which I’ll talk about tomorrow.

I’m also late on promoting two important days this week, World AIDS Day on Monday (something dear to my heart) and Giving Tuesday yesterday. I’m trying not to kick myself for not using this platform more wisely in those regards. But then, giving and AIDS awareness shouldn’t be confined to one day a year, anyway. Neither should giving thanks. 🙂

And now, on to my post.



The Hook

(Something Old)

I’m up to 26 squares on my afghan. That’s over a quarter of the number that I need for my bed. This is going to be a really long haul!

The Book

I just started reading a brand new book. And by “brand new,” I really mean brand new. Hot off the presses! A friend of my dear friend Laural just released her book on Monday. Her name is R.L. Haas, and the book is Portals of Water and Wine. So far, I’m only in the first chapter, but I’m loving it! (And, yes, I’m reading it on my tablet.)


I also settled on which book I’m going to read for Advent. As I mentioned last week, I’m participating in an online Advent retreat led by my friend ,Tara. I’ve decided to give the retreat my main focus, and to read God With Us as a supplement. It arrived in the mail today. I got the sequel, God For Us, to use this past Lent and figured God With Us would be similar. It is, and I’m so pleased. Each week features a different author. The daily readings are augmented with beautiful artwork. There are also sections highlighting the various feast days throughout the season. I will read it as I have time, but I’ll be giving myself grace if I don’t read it every day since it isn’t my main focus.


The “something blue?” Alton Brown’s book I’m Just Here For The Food. Alton is going to help me make my first stock from my first turkey. More on that tomorrow. 😉

And yes, that is a Dalek and TARDIS marking my place. I’m such a geek!


The Needles

Something Fruity.

I’m still working on that same apple hat from last week. I told you there was little crafting time this week. Normally, a little hat like that would be long done.


I believe that concludes my post for this week.

Have a beautiful Wednesday evening.



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