WIP Wednesday: Over The Hump

“Mike, Mike, Mike! What day is it?!”

Wednesday, of course! Time for my weekly progress report and the link-up over at Small Things. I missed last week due to forgetting my tablet three nights in a row when I went to work, so I’m excited to share.


The Hook

Alright. So maybe not totally excited to share here. I have been half way done with this forlorn granny square for weeks! IMG_20150701_085001_393~2

My nice, tidy tote for my afghan yarn has become a repository for all sorts of asundry bits and junk. Time to sort!

The Book


Oh my stars! LRK has done it again! A mysterious disappearance, a petite Japanese woman who is not what she claims to be, a blackmailing English lord, a missing priceless treasure, and, as always, Russell and Holmes in the thick of it. I love that each chapter begins with a clever haiku! I’m just past the halfway point. So good!

And speaking of halfway points…

The Needles

This past weekend, I crossed the halfway point on my February Lady Sweater. Yay!!!! (à la Kermit)


I’ve used a touch over half my yarn.


So far, it’s fitting pretty well. 😊


I’m a little worried that it’s going to be snug in the bust, but it should stretch a little with light blocking after it’s finished. Of course, I had to try it on in the middle of the hottest day this past week, thus my passing resemblance to a tomato. Hot weather and I do not get along well. I swear it gets worse with each passing year. 😛 One of these days, I’ll spring for a portable air conditioner for my front room. I have full southern exposure. Great in the winter, but pretty awful this time of year.

I should probably wrap this up before I really start complaining. 😉 Hope you all made it over the hump this week. See you at the Yarn Along.



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