A Homecoming Of Sorts

I cannot believe it’s been over five years since I added anything here. I knew it’d been a while, but…. Wow! I started feeling a little overwhelmed with keeping this up, and it became more of a chore than a joy.
However, I recently went looking for a specific blog post, and realized that I never posted it. That got me thinking that maybe it was time to dust off the cobwebs and put a few posts down. No pressure.
To get you up to speed, here’s my Christmas letter from 2019.
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December 3, 2019

Dear Friends and Family,

As the decade draws to a close, I figure it’s high time that I send out a little update. Most years, I have very little to say. However, the past two years have been a little more eventful. I’ll start with 2018. 

In April 2018, I had the wonderful privilege of visiting my dear friend Heleen in The Netherlands! It was my first trip to Europe. Heleen and I “met” online about a dozen years ago and have been dear friends since. We previously met in person when she visited a mutual friend in Texas in 2010. I’d been wanting to visit her for quite some time and finally decided to just do it! I’m so glad I did. I spent two weeks with her family, exploring her beautiful little city, Hattem, and some other sites in her country. We even made a day trip to Dusseldorf, Germany so I could visit the land of my ancestors. 😉 I’ve made tentative plans for a return trip next year. I would love to make it a semi-regular thing. 

Many of you may remember my two cats, Harley and Jasper. I lost Harley to cancer in 2012. It was just Jasper and I for a couple years until we welcomed Ziva into our home. She has been a delight and a much needed comfort as I lost Jasper in July 2018 at the age of 18. Ziva is loving being an only cat, so I don’t see us adding to the household any time soon.

2019 had been mostly uneventful until October. As you most likely noticed, I have a new address!  I had been casually looking for a new apartment when I stumbled upon a small, detached apartment home on a 9-acre horse farm near Monroe, WA. The price, timing, and features were just right. It’s smaller than my last apartment, but I have an in-unit laundry for the first time in over a decade! I officially moved on November 1. Ziva and I are settling in, and I’m finding that country life suits this “city girl” just fine. I traded sirens and neighbors for farm noises and neigh-bors. I’m loving all the animals! I keep saying that it’s “like therapy.” 

I still work for the same Home Care agency. I just celebrated my 22nd anniversary with them. I still love my job! Thankfully, my commutes didn’t change much with my move.

I hope all is well with you and yours. May you have a Wonderful Christmas and a Blessed New Decade!


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