TBT: WIP Wednesday

See what I did there? Ha. I wasn’t able to get photos on Tuesday, which meant that I couldn’t post from work Tuesday night. Yesterday was really busy, and I wasn’t home much at all. I got photos taken, but wasn’t able to write. And last night I inadvertently left my tablet at home which meant that I couldn’t post from work last night either. In the past, I would have just bagged it altogether. Today, though, I’m holding to the “better late lthan never” adage. I’ll link up with the Yarn Along as well.


The Hook

No surprise here, but there has been no crocheting going on in my place, unless using a crochet hook to fix knitting mistakes counts. 😉 I’m missing it a little, though.

The Book

My friend Tara is on a virtual book tour this week to promote Embracing The Body. She is visiting several blogs and websites. There is a great excerpt from her book on her own blog at Anam Cara. She has a guest post on Abbey of the Arts’ blog. And there is a wonderful interview with Tara done by Emily McFarlan Miller on her blog. I’m hoping to interview her here as well.

The Needles

I finished the little Milo that I was knitting last week for Milo May. I also finally got the finishing touches on the little sweater I was knitting.


They’ll get their own post once they reach their destinations.


I’ve made good progress on my sweater. In fact, I joined the second of five balls of yarn this morning. I had to transfer it onto my interchangeable needles. They’re wood instead of metal, so I hope they won’t meas up my gauge. During the transfer, I sort of tried on the sweater (meaning I laid it across my shoulders), and it appears to be a good fit.


I also cast on a new hat for CLICK for Babies. This one is knit in a soft DK. I’m hoping to get one hat done each week until the campaign ends in October.

That about does it for me. Hope you all have a great Thursday! Oh! Since it’s TBT, how about a picture for the occasion. This is me and my parents in 1974. Enjoy!




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