WIP Wednesday: Off To The Races

How many of you watched the Belmont Stakes on Saturday to see American Pharoah’s historic run? I admit, I’m not really into horse racing, but even I was excited to watch. I woke from a nap on the couch just in time to catch the last race. First Triple Crown winner in 37 years! That was exciting. This post, I’m afraid, will be much less exciting. In fact, I could probably just use the photos I took for my nonexistent post last week for all the progress I’ve made.


The Hook

Zip. Zilch. Nada.

I’m wondering if this afghan is ever going to get done! Maybe I need some elf help like the cobbler got. 😉

The Book



I think I’m finally going to dive into Dreaming Spies! I’ve been so looking forward to this new chapter in Mary Russell’s story! Unfortunately, the book was released right before Lent, and I had Lenten reading on my plate.  Then, of course, I’ve been reading Embracing The Bodymy friend Tara’s book (which I’m going to keep right on plugging!), so there hasn’t been much time for any other reading.  I’m looking forward to diving into a good yarn. 

Speaking of yarn…

The Needles


I just got the sleeves of my sweater onto scrap yarn, so I’m off to the races on that. From here on it’s just repeating the 4-row lace pattern until the hem. Having never knit this lace pattern, as easy as it is, I was making mistakes. So, I took a brief break from my sweater and knit this hat using the same lace repeats.


That was really helpful! I now know what the lace is supposed to look like after several rounds, and I’ve got a cute hat for CLICK for Babies. I’ve got my fifth hat for them on the needles right now.


I also knit another hat over the weekend for a friend’s little one.


I’ll put the details in another post.

Speaking of posts, that about does it for this one. I’ll link up with the Yarn Along as usual. Have a great Wednesday, and, if you’re in my area, stay cool out there!



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