WIP Wednesday: A Bit More Of The Same

It’s Wednesday! Depending on how your week is going, this could be good or bad news. I suppose for workaday folks, the week being half over is a good thing. Probably not so much if you’re lying on a tropical beach somewhere. For me, Wednesday is neither here nor there in that regard, but it does mean one thing: Yarn Along.

Time for an update!


The Hook

Um…nope. Nothing to report here.

The Books


I’m loving Dreaming Spies! Ms. King had me hooked from the first chapter…which, admittedly, is all I got read before real life (and knitting) took over. 😏 Just now, I picked it up again and I’m itching to dive back in.

As always lately, Embracing The Body is on my reading list. She Loves Magazine is featuring Embracing the Body on The Red Couch for the month of June. There will be a discussion post on June 24, and there is a Facebook group you may join.

The Needles



Honestly, it wasn’t until I started this post and compared my progress photos that I realized how much I actually did get done on my sweater!

Last week

Last week

I’ve really come quite a ways! The sweater has been taking up virtually all of my knitting time. Thankfully, the lace pattern is easy to memorize and simple enough for this to be good TV knitting…perfect for binge-watching NCIS. I just started my third skein (of five), so I’m nearing the halfway mark. I’m using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in “My Blue Heaven.” It’s a little splitty, but not bad. I’m curious to see how it wears.

That about does it for this update. I finally, finally got some gifts to their intended recipients which means I can do a few long-awaited FO Friday posts! Stay tuned!



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