Compassion Tuesday: Spotlight on Theleza

While it is now the wee hours of Wednesday, I don’t want to skip my Compassion Tuesday post for this week. Tonight I’d like to introduce you to Theleza.


Theleza is 8 years old and lives near Lake Victoria in Tanzania. She is my second sponsor child from that country.

My first sponsor child from Tanzania was a girl named Pascalina. I sponsored her for about 12 years until she left the Compassion program around the age of 17.


I’ll give Pascalina her own post at a later time.

When Pascalina left the program, Compassion sent me info on another little girl in Tanzania who needed a sponsor.


Just like with Sakthi, I had already made up my mind to sponsor whichever child Compassion sent me, and so my relationship with Theleza began in January 2013.


Theleza lives with her Grandma. She has one sibling, but I cannot remember if he or she is older or younger. Part of the reason is that Theleza’s letters are not very informative at this stage.

Due to her age, Theleza’s letters are in a “fill in the blank” format. She usually draws me a picture, but doesn’t typically write anything beyond one or two word answers to the questions on the letter form.




To be honest, it’s a little frustrating because I do really want to get to know her better. That will come with time, I’m sure. I did get some great info from Compassion on the region where Theleza lives. That helps me imagine her life a little better.


I’m looking forward to many more years as her sponsor.


Compassion began its work in Tanzania in July 1999. There are currently more than 72,100 children in Compassion’s program in over 305 projects. I just checked, and there are 59 children from Tanzania currently listed on Compassion’s website who are awaiting sponsors. Would you consider ending the wait for one of them?




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